Bake Back America was developed in response to the hardship created by COVID 19. Initially we baked goods for first responders and those in need. We quickly expanded our platform to inspire and facilitate individuals and communities to perform acts of kindness. 


We are committed to building bridges between individuals, businesses and communities to assist those in need.




Donate to Bake Back America

Bake Back America will appreciate your financial contribution and will apply it to one of our many efforts that help those in need.

Donate to Box Meals & Groceries

Bake Back America facilitates AAOHA's and ICNA's box meals and groceries to homeless shelters and families in need. This partnership is a 501C3.

Donate to Help a Diabetic Child

Bake Back America helps children with diabetes with medical supplies and their healthcare for families in need. This partnership is a 501C3.

Donate to Family to Family

Bake Back America has created a way for a family to sponsor a family in need by sending meals and helping them celebrate special occasions.



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Bake Back America partners with Feeding Westchester. With your assistance we can meet Feeding Westchester agencies goals.

Feeding Westchester Agencies

Local organizations are in desperate need of our help collecting items. Bake Back America fulfills their wishlist through community donations.

Grant a Wish(list)

AAOHA and ICNA Relief USA donates and delivers box meals, groceries and mobile pantries to homeless shelters and families in need.

Bake Back America partners with Help a Diabetic Child Foundation to help children and young teens in need of insulin, medical supplies and doctor visits.

Medical Needs for Diabetic Children

Box Meals, Groceries & Pantries

Family to Family is created to assist families during the course of a year with some of the necessities of life. The opportunity to connect with a family will impact their lives forever.

Family to Family

Volunteer or become a community leader to make a difference.

Choose a recipient, bake, deliver, share your photo and inspire others.

You bake and we post your photo


Live Sports Memorabilia Auction

Talking Type 1 Diabetes with Jacob

Doorstep Delight Printable

Zoom Story Time

Craft with Me

Educational Tutoring

Universally Red

Bake Back America is partnering with Kimberly Salshutz as our resource for diabetes education and holistic healing.



Bake Back America will donate $1 for each person who subscribes and likes the video. 1,000 is our goal. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Help a Diabetic Child effort.

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884 more to go

Bake Back America recognizes heroes that inspire individuals and communities.

Thank You!

Thank you Jehad of Top of the Line Drapery & Upholstery for your incredible act of kindness. She made and donated thousands of masks!

Thank You Food Distributors!

Thank you Alex Nilaj from AAOHA and Shabbir Ahmed Gul from ICNA Relief for your incredible acts of kindness!

Testimonial and Photo Submission

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Bridging communities and expressing gratitude across America one act of kindness at a time. 

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