Joyous Beginnings

Joyous Beginnings is a platform to create joy to a world needing positive impact of kindness, inclusivity and empowerment.  This initiative gives volunteers the opportunity to connect with recipients to work together towards social change for kindness. The goal of this initiative is to create a new beginning of a world of giving back.

Hi. I am Jenna and a freshman in High School. I am thrilled to be partnering with Bake Back America to impact the lives of volunteers and recipients around the world in a positive way.  I am passionate about working with children and have been an ambassador with Zara’s Center in Bilawayo, Zimbabwe.  The Zara’s Center provides support and enrichment to local children who lost parents to AIDS.

Of all the people living in extreme poverty, 75 percent live in Sub-Saharan  Africa and Asia
“Learning is the tool for growth and knowledge. The more we know the more we can grow and live to our potential." Jenna
15 hours one-on-one tutoring and giving young children the opportunity to grow
“The sounds of voices is so empowering an amazing outlet to express yourself.” Jenna
Foreign Relations
“Connecting the U.S. volunteers with children from Zimbabwe is truly an amazing connection of two worlds learning about each other and growing together through fun games. 

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