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Students at colleges have an opportunity to start or be part of the Bake Back America mission of spreading kindness.  The impact on each campus is to inspire fellow students to take time to give back.  This national curriculum will be implemented at colleges across the country.
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Bake Back America inspires individuals and communities to come together to perform acts of kindness.  All student organizations on college campuses should abide by these standards of empowering, including and giving back in all of their activities.  All student organizations must follow the curriculum and address each recipient group with the recommended programs.  Bake Back America will support and approve activities and promotional items.



Shelters, Foster Care and Boys and Girls Clubs

Helping children in local facilities to enhance their lives and inspire them to grow.

2 minimum program

Recommended Programs 

health and wellness, wishlist, give back and creativity.


First Generation Students, financial challenges

Helping first generation with items or resources that will help them further themselves.

2 minimum programs

Recommended Programs: health and wellness,education, give back, wishlist


Student Organization Chooses Recipient

Picking a group to give back and be kind to is so rewarding and fulfilling.

2 minimum programs

Recommended Programs: you design


Campus Life: impacting students on campus

Inspiring students to give back and join the social change for kindness.

2 minimum Program

Recommended Programs: health and wellness,creativity,

give back


Hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses


Focusing on children facing medical issues and bringing a smile during difficult times.

2 minimum programs

Recommended Programs: wishlist, creativity

Program Description

Health & Wellness

The focus of health and wellness is to create programs through fitness, health eating plans. It also covers ideas like inspirational speakers and events that inspire a healthy brain and balanced life.


Learning is an important part of gaining  confidence and personal growth.  This can be covered through tutoring, S.T.E.A.M. Classes and  educational resources for anl level of development.


 Creative programs such as art, singing, magic, baking, snack bags and card making inspires children to explore their creative side and opens doors to new interests and passions.  These programs can also be very therapeutic.

Give Back

Giving back is empowering, inspiring and inclusive.  All volunteers and recipients grow emotionally.  These give backs can range from making art for someone to giving a compliment.


Helping those in need with their wishlist items such as clothing, food, school supplies and holiday gifts is life changing for families in need.  These items can be gently used or new depending on the needs.

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