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 Bake Back America created story time to inspire young children to love to read.  This programs mission is to empower students to better their reading fluency and comprehension skills while learning to appreciate the benefits of reading.  It also focuses on building vocabulary words and learning how to increase understanding by visualization techniques.

Story Time



Zoom Story Time
This program connects volunteer and student through reading a book together.  Young students can follow along with the book and learn to read along, Mans skills can be developed while listening to another reader.
Smiling Student Sitting At Desk
Elementary Classroom
In Person Story Time
This program gives volunteers an opportunity to share their passion for reading with young children in person. The program focuses on bringing a book to life and teaching the children the importance  of learning through reading. The sessions also have a project that pertains to the book brought in by the volunteer. 
Book Clubs
This program is amazing way to bring readers together to share the experience of a book.  It's very interactive where participants will be simultaneously reading the book and will receive conversation questions to ensure that the book is being understood, Club members will receive a welcome box with the book and supplies used throughout the sessions.
Junior Book Club



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April 2022

Thank you Dylan for doing storytime, snacks and crafting for the Coachmen Family Center under 5 programs



Coachman Family Center, White Plains, NY

38 sessions - 25 Hours

Thank you so much for letting me read to the kids today!! I loved it! I read 4 books and would be excited to add more next time! I loved reading to them and would love to do it again! I have another idea that I will share with Melissa and hopefully get to do with the kids.
- Caroline Faber

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