The mission of the AAOHA organization is to help children, elderly people and others in need of not going hungry to bed. These joint events serve over 2000 Families and the donation amounts to 25000 pounds of Food. More people sign up for food donations every day.


To alleviate the national hunger crisis hitting families across America, ICNA Relief has established its hunger prevention program to help both individuals and families from going hungry. ICNA Relief utilizes its full resources to launch effective programs that target impoverished communities thereby bringing life, nourishment and hope one meal at a time.

Thank you Aleksander, Shabbir, and Mohamed for your food donations.


Produce Boxes

Tuesdays: 2332 Boston Road, Bronx, NY

Fridays: 3573 Brockner Blvd., Bronx, NY

Saturdays: 2141 Holland Ave. Bronx, NY


2141 Holland Ave. Bronx, NY



Recipients pick up boxes of produce by appointment only.


Recipients pick up meals by appointment only.



Volunteers and institutions can prepare meals in bags to help those in need.

Our Story

Box meals and produce delivered to...

1 Box Meal = 8 meals

1 Halal box = (25 lbs)

1 Grocery Box = 50 produce items (25 lb)

1 Bread Bag = 35 pieces of bread (25 lb)

1 Granola Box = 900 packets (20 lbs)

Westchester County, New York



Community Center of Northern Westchester

560 meals.

New Rochelle

Oasis Shelter

540 meals.

500 produce items.

50 lasagnes.

New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority

2,570 meals.

4,000 produce items.

HOPE Community Services

1,932 meals.

Union Baptist Church

511 meals.

HOPE Event

3,300 meals.

15,000 produce items.

New Rochelle Community Partnership

1,600 meals.

Shiloh Baptist Church

1,894 meals.

5,000 produce items.

60 water bottles.

Salvation Army

280 meals.

750 produce items.

White Plains

Open Arms Shelter

766 meals.

Coachman Family Center

275 meals.

500 produce items.

St. Christopher Inc.

750 produce items.

Ridgeway Church Food Pantry

1162 meals.

1,000 produce items.

Grace Church

1,170 meals.
2 bags of bread.

Mount Vernon

Church of the Ascension

560 meals.

Church of G-d

350 meals.

Bowen Memorial Outreach Program

860 meals.

20 bread bags.

Mount Vernon Congregational Church

200 meals.

11 bags of bread.

Mount Vernon Church

400 meals.

Macedonia Church

200 meals.

100 juice boxes.

100 water bottles

10,000 produce items.

St. Johns Riverside Hospital

800 meals.


Ossining Children's Center

175 meals.

1,000 produce items.

Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP)

350 meals.

Gullotta House

6,599 meals.

9,800 produce items.

37 bags of bread.

50 milks.

Ossining Padres Hispanos

1,550 meals.


Peekskill Youth Bureau

1,360 meals.

Port Chester

Caritas of Port Chester

560 meals.


San Andres Episcopal Church

3,080 meals.

750 produce items.

YWCA Yonkers

560 meals.

The Salvation Army

1,780 meals.

Bethel Temple of Praise

1,680 meals.

Bethany African Methodist Episcopal Church

3,455 meals.

150 produce items.

26 bags of bread.

2 boxes of granola.

Yonkers Partners in Education

84 meals.

New York City




100 meals.


Beulah Church of G-d

800 meals.

65,150 produce items.

Bronx Parent Housing Network

10 meals.

100 produce items.

Calvary Hospital

240 meals.

Families with diabetic children

10,100 meals.

19,700 produce items.

Church of G-d Good Neighbors Outreach

18,680 meals.

37,150 produce items.

150 halal boxes.

Jack D. Weiler Hospital/Albert Einstein College of Medicine

1,900 meals.

Jacobi Hospital

240 meals.

BronxCare Health System

800 meals.

New Covenant Temple

200 boxes of produce.

Real Life Church

7,500 produce items.

New Creation Christian Church

400 produce items.

Moses Campus - Montefiore Medical Center

600 meals.

Project Bravo

1,400 meals.

2,500 produce items.

50 halal pantry boxes.

3 bags of bread.

2 boxes of granola.

Parkchester Projects

3,888 meals.

Interval Rapid Rehousing

1,690 meals.

2,700 produce items.

Ibrahim Lawson Fofanah Charity Foundation

67,500 produce items.

Zion Triumphant Gospel International Ministries

400 meals.

5,000 produce items.

Town and Country

28,700 produce items.

1,000 milks.

Veteran's Association

4,382 meals.

500 produce items.


10,000 produce items.

Woodycrest United Methodist Church

532 meals.


Individual families

11,896 meals.

6,050 produce items.

2 bags of bread.

School in the Square

2,600 meals.

26,250 produce items.

50 halal boxes.

4 boxes of granola.

The Rebirth of a Woman

3,120 meals.

6,250 produce items.

4 boxes of granola.

Lenox Hill Hospital

960 meals.



Agape Church of G-d

696 meals.

International Evangelical Mission Ministries

17,800 produce items.

Bethany AME

5,000 produce items.

New Creation

7,500 produce items.


Better Tomorrows

2,500 produce items.

Long Island, NY

Charles A. Mulligan Elementary School

640 meals.

4,500 produce items.


                 Meals: 90,257
    Produce items: 472,325 (236,162 lbs)
        Halal boxes: 275 (6,875 lbs)
         Bread bags: 101 (2,534 lbs)
            Lasagnes: 50

Granola packets: 10,800 (240 lbs)
       Juice boxes: 100
    Water bottles: 160
                  Milks: 1,050

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