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Abracadabra Magic
This program is a great opportunity for young magicians to use their special powers to amaze children of all ages.  Magic shows are perfect for events, holiday parties or children facing medical issues.

HI My name is Matthew and I am a sophomore in High School. I have been interested in magic since I was 8 years old. I attend magic camp every summer. I also love to perform at parties. I have two brothers and I am in the middle. My other interest is basketball which I love to watch and play whenever possible.



Volunteer magicians can create an amazing session of magic for children in shelters, foster care or boys and girls clubs.  Magicians can also have the opportuntiy to collaborate with other Bake Back America programs such as Joggers for Juniors for children with special needs and Candy Stripers for children facing medical issues.

Holiday Parties

Magicians have the opportunity to perform at a holiday event such as Christmas/Chanukah or during a celebration during Valentine’s Day.  This 20 minute session during an event will create an excitement for all the party goers.


Magicians can teach one of their special magic tricks to children who are interested in learning magic.  This connection can inspire new magicians to pursue a passion for performing magic.

Let’s Get Started




Holiday Parties 


Gigi’s Playhouse in Dobbs Ferry, NY

Collaboration with Joggers for Juniors Program



January 30, 2022

Thank you to Mathew the magician, Emma the dancer, Jenna the singer,  Alison for leading, Argio for recruiting recipients in Greece for making a magical event for over 30 kids.  The card making thanking everyone and the magician also empowered the children to give back.

VIDEO: How to Draw a Magician Hat



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