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Bringing Hope
Bake Back America created Bringing Hope to let children and families facing challenging times to  know that there are people out there that care about them while inspiring them to be able to give back.  This program connects the communities together to empower one another to be kind.

My name is Brooke and I am a junior in high school. I am passionate about giving back and wanted to start a program that inspired kindness to those facing medical and developmentally delayed challenges. I also love playing soccer and spending time with friends and family.




Ronald McDonald House

This program is designed to help parents, siblings and children facing medical issues have an outlet to enjoy empowering projects that are creative and interactive.  They can range from bingo, planting pots decorating to enjoying the holidays.  It also focuses on wish list items such as food, clothing and toiletries.

Children With Special Needs

This program helps connect volunteers to an amazing group of children and adults with special needs.  All of the sessions inspire and empower each other to use their creativity and passion to give back.  The projects are fun and interactive with a wonderful theme.

Students Helping Students

This program is so empowering because it helps first generation students on college campuses to get necessities such as food and clothing during the school year. Volunteers can make snack bags for school pantries or send clothes to their professional closets.  Bake Back America also sets up events where students can receive items as well as be part of the give back process.




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Colorful Cupcakes


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August 2022

Thank you Brooke for doing an amazing job running bingo with great prizes and treats for everyone at the Ronald McDonald McDonald House in Long Island.
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