Grant a Wish(list)

Bake Back America created Grant A Wish(list) to utilize their connections with local organizations to track critically needed items. Our aim is to rapidly source those items through community donations from residents.This initiative is so impactful and helps families facing tough times easier.

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Grant a Wish(list)

Community Host receives wishlist items from clothes, household appliance, toys, and more from organizations and community centers to fulfill their wishlist. There is a designated day a month for drop off.

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Grant a Wish(list)

Community Host facilitates organization in need of fulfilling a wishlist with pickups from their community.

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Furnishing an Apartment

New homeowners receive furniture and household appliances to assist in their move to their new location.

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Baby Shower

Expecting moms receive items to create a wishlist baby shower.

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Collecting Necessities

Recipients receive necessities to meet the needs of their wishlist.


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Pantry Tables

Bake Back America created Pantry Tables to facilitate an easy and accessible way to distribute requested items to those in need in pantry lines.

Holiday Event

Bake Back America created Holiday Event to inspire individuals and communities to bring the joys of the holidays to those in shelters and less fortunate.

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Zero Dollar Book Fair

Bake Back America created the Zero Dollar Book Fair to create an inviting environment for those in need to get a book shopping experience. 

Zero Dollar Store

Bake Back America created the Zero Dollar store to create an inviting environment for those in need to get a store shopping experience. 





Jessica, a journalist living in Scarsdale, has connected donor and recipient communities in the past. She has been collecting clothing, furniture and medical equipment from friends and neighbors for redistribution to local charities. She has often thought how great it would be to have a single entity that tracked which local organizations were looking for specific items.
Her daughter Helen, 9, started baking for Bake Back America after the coronavirus outbreak. Bake Back America helped Jessica realize the goal of establishing a wishlist clearinghouse for local organizations that sought in-kind donations of children's goods, clothing, and household items to make donations more seamless. 

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Photo credit to Tracy McCarthy