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Inspire a Documentary

Bake Back America created Inspire a Documentary to help create awareness for many inspiring subjects that are unknown to communities across the country.  Bringing awareness on subjects such as food insecurity on college campuses with first generation students or lack of necessities for exonorees can connect communities to c.ome together

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My name is Aidan and I am a senior in high school.  I have been acting in movies and tv shows since I was four years old.  After learning about challenges that people are faced with I became passionate about creating documentaries to tell the stories and bring awareness into communities.

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Step 1


Volunteers are inspired about a topic of interest that they would like to bring awareness to the cause.

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Step 3


Volunteers will be connected to appropriate people to start the interviewing process and collecting data.

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Step 2


Volunteers begin the process of working with Bake Back America to formulate questions and visions for their documentary.

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Step 4


Volunteer reaches the final steps of creating the documentary for Bake Back America.  The final product will be edited and ready for approval.

College Campus
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Thank  you Aidan for this amazing documentary focusing on three students (Justin, Luke, Cole) who taught building a business class to children at Coachman Family Center.  The children made product and we sold it for a profit.  All proceeds went back to the shelter.

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