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Sound of Music

Bake Back America created Sound of Music to inspire children to explore their creativity through playing instruments. This initiative brings volunteers and recipients together by collecting instruments to give children an opportunity to find new passions through music.


Helen started baking for Bake Back America after the coronavirus outbreak. Helen realized the need for children to have an outlet to explore creativity. Her passion for music inspired her to collect instruments to be given to children less fortunate so they have the opportunity to create music.


Playing Piano

Piano Lessons

Learn to play the piano or keyboards with one-on-one training with an amazing volunteer.  These Zoom lessons will inspire the pianist to understand and love learning music.


Learning the guitar is such a great opportunity to learn an instrument that can be played alone or in a group.  Basic cords can create beautiful music.

Practicing Guitar
Child Star


The sounds of music is beautiful and inspiring.  Learning control of your vocal cords to create sounds will bring harmony and peace to all around you. 

Donate your time teaching children to play music

Flute Lesson

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Customize A Program

You choose an instrument and we will match you with a volunteer

Violin Player





Sheet music on music stand

Private families in Westchester.

Guitars: 8 donated

Guitar lessons: 80


Private families in Westchester.

Keyboards: 2 donated

keyboard lessons: 8

Flute Lesson

Private families in Westchester.

Flute: 1 donated

recorder: 1 donated


Joggers for Juniors, private homes 

Jenna's Singing Lessons: 5

Performing Sessions: 10



15 hours of private group lessons

9 creativity hours

Children Singing in a Choir

Town and Country NYC.

Jenna's Singing Lessons: 3

Private families in Westchester.

Singing lessons: 21

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