Students Helping Students

Students helping Students is a unique program that partners with colleges and universities to help fulfill wishlists for first generation students on college campuses.


Volunteers are inspired to help first generation students  by providing  some of their wishlist items such as  bedding, toiletries, professional clothing, inspirational speakers, educational resources and even a school t-shirt.  

Colleges and Universities  can utilize  Bake Back America’s programs as a resource for their students to give back. There are easy steps to take action to perform acts of kindness.

College Students

Story Behind the Program

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The program was inspired by the incredible enthusiasm from students when they learned about their acceptance into college.  Their ‘bed party’ celebrations impacted Bake Back America to  partner with Colleges and Universities across the country to reach their student population that is in need. . As a result Students helping Students was designed to give volunteers the connection to to these students by collecting donations to purchase items while they were also preparing for such an exciting time.

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A first-generation college student is a person whose parents never made it to four years of college. These students may have grown up in low income neighborhoods and lacked the resources necessary for their own education as well. 

What is a first-generation student?

Get Involved!


Bed Party

Celebrating your acceptance into college?  Give back from your bed decorating party items that are duplicates to a first generation student entering college.

Professional Closet

Collect professional clothing for a schools closet for first generation students going on interviews, working or interning.  Items such as suits, ties, slacks, dress shirts will help students feel confident in their new roles.
School Supply

Grant A Wishlist

Fulfilling wishlists for schools first generation program helps students with items that can be challenging to get.  Lists can be customized such as school supplies, food, clothing, electronics, health and wellness and more.
First Generation students entering college for the first time in their family is such an exciting time.  Bake Back America is so excited to help with dorm items such as bedding to make their start a great one.
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Dorm to Dorm

Yoga at Home
Taking care and making time for yourself is so important for students under the stress of balancing work and life’s challenges.  Hosting yoga, inspirational speakers and relaxation techniques can help one keep a balanced life,

Health & Wellness




Donation Boxes
Fundraising Tips
Mobile Bake Sale

Take your bake sale on the road. Stop off at school fields or drive around your neighborhood to raise money for first generation students 

Fundraiser for Kindness

Every $25 a volunteer raises, they will do n act of kindness to pay it forward. For example, posting positive post-it on friends and families cars.

Social Media
Get message out to friends and family to get support for your collection for first generation students. 
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In-Store Promotion
Choose a store in your community to support and set up an in store promotion.  10% of all proceeds will go to first generation studetns

Our Accomplishments

Clean Bed
Green Jacket

September 2022

Thank you Nandini for fulfilling 2 wishlists for first-generation students at the University of Michigan

Events at Colleges


December 2021

Adelphi College setting up their professional closet.

"This is my favorite day at Adelphi ever!"
- Junior at Adelphi

First Generation Week
Viv (16).jpeg
Thank you Vivien for donating your time to inspire Clemson University students regarding mental wealth. 

Thank you Grace from "Passion about Giving Back" for helping put this together

Fundraising Efforts

Mobile bake sale
Westchester NY
Ella and Arielle



Thank you Ella for collecting for WashU and Duke University

Team Players

Ella, Arielle and Ryann from Westchester, NY

Building the Brand


Hi! I’m Ella Fink a senior from Westchester, New York. I started the Empowering Minds Club and the Students Helping Students program with Bake Back America. I am very passionate about making a difference in my community and giving back to others. I am very excited to continue to make a difference and impact people of all ages by baking, sending letters, and connecting with kids through education.