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"These girls were very enthusiastic and came prepared to engage with our children.  We loved having them and look forward to more volunteers like them."

- Recipient

"I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to both you and your family for your hard work and generosity. Thanks again."


- Pat, Westhab Inc.

Thanks again. You facilitated making lots of people happy, including us. Not one dish, rug or piece of furniture will be in a landfill.


- Lori in Westchester

"So happy to be part of Bake Back America and helping change many lives for the better."

- Volunteer

We are grateful from the teacher through the Craft with Me Program, and for helping my son to explore his interest in arts and crafts. During this uncertain time we love this program very much..."

"I want to express my most heartfelt appreciation to Melissa and the Bake Back America team for being a part of our lives during this incredibly challenging time."

"As a mom of two kids, I feel so blessed to have them helping and supporting my family and me on a daily basis. We have tutors everyday and different kinds of teachers for my kids. I was in an accident so I do not have a job. Melissa and her team provide my kids and me with food, clothes, and anything else that we need."

"I never finished college. My dream is to get a college certificate, but I don’t have a computer. Of course Melissa and her wonderful team are in the process of trying to find one for me. I want to get a job to be able to provide for my family."

"Bake Back America means everything to my family and me. We love you Melissa Brown and the whole Bake Back America team."

"The Craft with Me program has helped my son understand the importance of giving to others. He makes the crafts with so much care and love because he wants the person receiving it to love it also."

"Thank you for giving my child this wonderful opportunity. He loves doing this. You have a wonderful Christmas. and a Happy New Year. Thank you."

- Parent of a Craft with Me student.

"My name is Glenda I have 2 kids. Last year we were in a difficult situation I had an accident and like many of us we were struggling with the pandemic and we found this wonderful organization Bake back America. They have help us with food  an amazing arts program and with these amazing kids as tutors, they are becoming more than friends to us. My kids have improved their academic skills. Our lives changed in such a good way."



"This pizza was outstanding! Thank you."


 - Annastasia M. Walker, The Chicago Fire Department

"Thank you so much for the laptop I've needed one for a while now since quarantine to help me do my schoolwork easier and actually be able to study at home now."

- Isaac, NYC

"Thanks so much for the boxes. Thanks for the delivery, blessings in abundance to team Alex and Melissa. 😍"

- From our team.

"Good afternoon I just want to say a big thank You, to all the members of your team but especially you and Alex. We really really appreciate all the food you have donated towards our weekly feeding program. Because of your help we were able to feed just over 3000 people extra. Again thank you looking forward to the continuing partnership with you as long as you can. 🙏🏼"

"Thank you both so much. We had a grand old time for the past 2 weeks distributing the wonderful items that we received. Yes are sure very interested. Thank you soo much. They went over very well."


"We appreciate your efforts and applaud you! Thank you!"

- Dinah Olanoff, Cataldo Ambulance Service in Malden, Massachusetts

"Thank you and Bake Back America so much for reaching out to Maui Police Department. The men and women at our Kihei Police Station are grateful for the upcoming donation of pizza."

- Bethany Cravalho-Parker, Maui Police Department

"On behalf of the Albanian American Open Hand Association, and myself and of course on behalf of the family who received the bed and mattress, we would like to thank you Melissa from Bake Back America and thank you very much to family who donated bed completely I'm truly blessed to work with people like you guys to make it easy for the needy people and people with special needs. This is gift from God. God bless you and your families."

- Aleksander Nilaj, AAOHA

"We thank you for taking time out of your day to make these amazing cupcakes. The kids enjoyed decorating and eating them.This kind gesture put a smile on our kids faces during these difficult times.."

- Stephanie, Coachman Family Shelter

"On behalf of Pastor Dr. DeQuincy M. Hentz, the entire “Sensational” Shiloh Baptist Church family, and the Shiloh Senior Residence, THANK YOU! Over the past few weeks, Bake Back America and its donors/sponsors have provided us with close to 500 boxes of food for distribution throughout the community. Our partnership has helped us continue serving those most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic including senior citizens and the homeless. Many continued blessing to all!"

- Shiloh Baptist Church

"On behalf of Ascension Food Pantry. I would like to express a heartfelt thank you for the donation of 80 meal boxes. Our clients were very appreciative of the meals distributed. Alex and his partner were a sweetheart.  Thank you once again. May God continue to Bless your organization,

- Linda James, Ascension Food Pantry Chair

"I wanted to thank you and your team again for your rapid and most generous response to one of our families. This experience solidified the impact we as a team, and our resources have on the families that we service."

- Christina Villanueva, Choosing Healthy & Active Lifestyles for Kids (CHALK)

"Thank you so  much for the cookies. That was so kind of your daughter and you. Really appreciate the gesture and the cookies were really good."
- DoorDasher, Steven

"The ACES family at PS 127Q recognized that one of their own was in need. On behalf of that family, NYJTL would like to thank Bake Back America, a family-run charity developed in response to the hardships created by COVID 19. Initially they baked goods for first responders and those in need. Seeing the struggles that COVID-19 had caused, they quickly expanded their platform to inspire and facilitate individuals and communities to perform acts of kindness."
- New York Junior Tennis & Learning

"I want to say THANK YOU for the knapsacks that were sent to our birthday kids!!  We are very grateful for the gifts and I am sure the children will be as well!!"

- Shawan May, Service Coordinator, Westhab Inc., Vernon Plaza Family Center

"New Rochelle OASIS shelter would like to say thank you everyone at Bake Back America for all the good work that you have done to help the homeless in this shelter and elsewhere to insure that they have food to eat and also that someone cares. Thank You again and keep up the fantastic work."

- Larry Mosley, Program Director

"Thank you so much for having pizzas delivered to the station for us today. The crew was pleasantly surprised when Dominos showed up with two piping hot cheese pizzas! We enjoyed them so much, this act of kindness will follow us and we are excited to spread this kindness and joy in our community!"

- Shift 3 Station 1 Hocking County EMS, Logan Ohio.

"I wanted to thank Mr. Nahid Haji from Dunkin Donuts and of course Bake Back America for making the delivery of Dunkin Donuts possible to our Nursing staff and essential workers. As you appreciate us, in turn we appreciate you both for making this happen for us. We appreciate you guys by staying strong and safe and adhering to the social distancing policies that are in place. Everyone wants to wish you both the safest health ever. Thanks again for your support."

- Arthur Struck and all the staff at Kindred Hospital 

"We got a delivery at 6:45pm and couldn't believe it. Thank you. It's so appreciated. It's a big help at this time and the nutritional information sheet with carbs is so great for my son."

- Mother of a Berrie Center patient 

"Thank you so much for the update, and for organizing this. Such a wonderful way to recognize those who do so much for all of us."

- Melissa R., Pelham Resident

We received a wonderful delight. To our surprise there was a young lady at the customer service window with fresh baked cookies. It warmed our hearts to know that through this pandemic that there are other heroes out there thinking of the postal workers. Thank you so much.

P.S. those cookies didn't stand a chance everyone has been eating them since they were brought in!

- Graceland Carrier Annex Post Office in Chicago, Illinois

"Thank you for the generous lunch you served the hospital!!!"

- Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey"


"Thank you so much for lunch!!!"

- Pound Ridge Fire Department

"Bake Back America was instrumental in facilitating a Dominoes food donation and washable face masks for our homeless youth organization.  They were very kind and helpful during this time of crisis and uncertainty."

- Brian Gorman, Covenant House New Orleans

"We wanted to thank you and your group at Bake Back America for your thoughtful donation of cookies to the Emergency Department. The cookies were delicious, but even more importantly, it was a tremendous morale booster. In truly difficult times like these, just knowing this we have this support and care from the community is incredibly appreciated. We thank you so much for doing this and hope you all remain safe and well."

- Eric Legome, Mount Sinai West & Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospitals

"The Stroke Care Unit was thrilled by the kindness shown by Cindy and the family. Thanks again to Bake Back America for coordinating this."

- Manattee Memorial Hospital, Stroke Care Unit in Bradenton, Florida

"A HUGE THANK YOU to our new friends at Bake Back America! This team is on a mission to feed first responders and essential workers across the country during this challenging time. Bake Back America generously provided pizza to our dispatch center and crews in Lewis, Pierce and King Counties over the past 2 days. THANK YOU from the bottom of our pizza-fed hearts!"

- American Medical Response - Western Washington

"Thank you so much for the pizzas that you and your team provided. They truly put many smiles on our team members faces. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts to think of our healthcare heroes during this time as it was so appreciated. Thank you AGAIN!"

- Bina Wagjiani, Boca Raton Regional Hospital

"The event was great! The youth and parents were really appreciative of the McDonald's, toys, and visit from White Plains Fire Department. The kids were excited about receiving the Fire Helmets and Coloring Books. Your assistant did a great job organizing the event. Our staff and parents send a big Thank you to all who donated their time and resources to bring a moment of joy to our youth."

- Ivan Smith, Coachman Family Center

"We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the kind and thoughtful gesture. The pizza was delicious! Essential workers do play a vital role in the COVID-19 pandemic! Essential workers matter!"

- Josie White Waldron, Northern Westchester Hospital

"It was a wonderful surprise and a pleasure to receive such a lovely, thoughtful gift. I would like to especially thank Ms. Carla Bird for her kind donation and thinking about us during this crazy and hectic moments. Thank you all for the wonderful lunch, and know I greatly appreciate it. I want you to know your generosity and kindness, was well received and appreciated as well made my day."

- Alice Seda, Northern Westchester Hospital

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the great people at Bake Back America for the assistance that they have given to the people in need here at Oasis Shelter.  Your donation of food and much needed face mask to the homeless of New Rochelle and Westchester has proven to be invaluable to the people in our care.  They asked me to say on their behalf, ”Thank You and please keep up the good work."

- Larry Mosley, New Rochelle Oasis Shelter

"Thank you Bake Back America and sponsors Heidi and Brian Goldberg! We greatly appreciated the pizza from Pirates Pizza. We thank you for thinking of your local 1st responders during these trying times. Stay strong."

- South Orange Fire Department Tour 3 in South Orange, New Jersey

"What a great surprise we, the Sisters Servants of Mary, received last Friday when a young gentlemen delivered 3 delicious pizza at the Convent!!!! I know it was our best friend and supporter Bruce Eagel who gave you our name.God bless you both. We have the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament  the whole day every day asking the Lord to stop the pandemic and cure and protect the ones that have been infected. May God protect you and your family!!"

- Sister Purification Ferrero S.deM

"Last week I was able to get one photo when lunch was dropped off, thank you so much for everything you and everyone involved is doing."

- Jason, Scarsdale Police


"Thank you so much for this kind gesture of providing us lunch at Emory 6T in honor of Grace Lewis. It was so yummy and we really appreciated it!"

- Ellen, Emory Healthcare

Yesterday, the pharmacy department received a food donation and we are so grateful for that. It means a lot during this pandemic that we have patients who do think of us and appreciate what we are doing for the community. I know you also mentioned that you were donating supplies and food for other organizations and front line workers so thank you for that as well, you are doing an amazing deed for the entire community. We cannot thank you enough for the meal you provided for us! Everything was delicious!"

- Gina Lee, RPh, Doctor of Pharmacy

"A very big and gracious thank you to and the residents of Scarsdale for your donations. With your support, Slice of Scarsdale was able to send food to the first line responders keeping us all healthy and safe and to those who may be in need of a good meal during this challenging time for our community. 

Please continue to donate and we’ll continue to provide our food to those who have bigger things to worry about than what they’ll be eating for lunch."


- Michael Ford, Owner of Slice of Scarsdale

"Thank you for all you are doing! ❤️ Bake Back America has reminded me that together we can make a difference! I’m happy to be a part of a caring program that is helping Americans throughout our wonderful nation! We will stay strong & positive & show our appreciation to the people who are up front & center!"

- Ginny Goldberg

"On behalf of my fellow firefighters, I would like to express my appreciation to you and to the many contributors to Bake Back America. Your support and generosity has truly made us feel part of a family beyond our own. It is an honor and a privilege to serve our residents and visitors."

- Chris, Fire Chief in Scarsdale, New York

"The pizza was a huge hit with our field crews and dispatchers! Our supervisors delivered pizza to the crews out in the field and it was a great surprise! Thank you again! Signs of appreciation like this really keep the team going."

- Amy Link, AMR, American Medical Response (National EMS service)

Stationary photo

Hello … spoke to isela she said her last day of summer school is Monday and she has completed her  test … “and they were so easy”… I believe it’s because she had the help of a tutor is what made it “so easy”…🥲I’m so grateful, thank you once  School starts beginning of September I would appreciate it if she had a tutor again 💯💯💯

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