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Holiday Wishes

May 1, 2023

Thank you Dlyan for these beautiful Mother’s Day bags for the kids at GiGi’s Playhouse.  These bags are filled with gifts and blank cards for the kids to be empowered to use to give back to their Moms.

Students helping stuents

May 1, 2023

Thank you Dylan for these amazing nutritional snack bags with a recipe in them for health eating.  The kids that need snacks at Wisconsin are going to live them.

Holiday Wishes

May 1, 2023

Thank you Katie and Sydney for organizing this amazing empowerment project for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Dayton Ohio for Mother’s Day Dance.  The boys made beautiful bags and cards for their moms, the moms gave the boys sports bracelets and the girls made bracelets for their moms.

Financial Literacy

April 3, 2023

Amazing work Ashley helping make 4 lesson plans all matched with a box of supplies to teach the children financial literacy at the Alternative Learning Center in Austin Texas.


May 1, 2023

The kids at Coachman expanded their knowledge on the principles of engineering by taking on a paper building challenge. With just paper, scissors, and some tape, they competed with their friends to try and create the tallest possible tower!

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