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Grant a Wishlist Community Drives

1 shopping bag = clothes, toys, household products, school supplies diapers and more

Furniture = beds, tables, dressers, desks, chairs, air conditioners

Outdoor activities = bikes, scooters

Hardware box = 35 parts

   Grant a Wish(list)   

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Westchester County, New York

Hope's Door

28 bags.

2 paintings

6 piece of furniture.

Gigi's Playhouse

100 bags.

Mount Vernon

New Rochelle

Bowen Memorial Outreach Program

95 shopping bags.

113 pieces of furniture.

2 appliances.

Church of G-d

15 shopping bags.

Macedonia Church

140 bags.

Vernon Plaza Shelter

50 shopping bags.

HOPE Community Services

265 bags.

3 pieces of furniture.

New Rochelle Community Partnership

55 shopping bags.

New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority

3 shopping bags.

Neighbors for Refugees

11 shopping bag

25 pieces of furniture

Oasis Shelter

50 bags.

Shiloh Baptist Church

118 shopping bags.

60 McDonald's meals.

Union Baptist Church

40 shopping bags.

2 outdoor activities.

50 McDonald's meals.


Ossining Children's Center

275 shopping bags.

9 outdoor activities.

9 pieces of furniture.

1 painting.

1 appliance.


Caring for the Hungry and Homeless

10 shopping bags.

Hearts and Homes for Refugees

18 bags.

Port Chester

St. Peters Episcopal Church

3 shopping bags.


Family Services of Westchester

24 shopping bags.


Child Care Council of Westchester

45 bags.

Midnight Run at Hitchcock Church

50 shopping bags.

White Plains

Coachman Family Shelter

156 shopping bags.

2 pieces of furniture.

1 painting.

1 butterfly kit.

3 TV's

Individual families

1,923 shopping bags.

513 pieces of furniture.

1 outdoor activity.

22 appliances.

(914) Cares

15 shopping bags.

Lifting Up Westchester

20 shopping bags.


Open Arms Shelter

3 shopping bags.

Ridgeway Church Food Pantry

20 shopping bags.

Salvation Army

1 shopping bags.


Bethany African Methodist Episcopal Church

1018 shopping bags.

61 pieces of furniture.

1 appliance.

Salvation Army

15 shopping bags.

WestHab Inc.

191 bags.

2 outdoor activities.

1 piece of furniture.

Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE)

4 shopping bags.

San Andres Episcopal Church

70 shopping bags.


New York City


Albanian American Open Hand Association

1,953 shopping bags.

31 outdoor activities.

112 pieces of furniture.

30 boxes of hardware.

9 appliances.

3 wheelchairs.

Beulah Church of G-d

44 shopping bags.

4 pieces of furniture.

Church of G-d Good Neighbors Outreach

9,024 shopping bags.

6 outdoor activity.

1,252 pieces of furniture.

3 paintings.

2 printers

32 appliances.

4 bags of food.

Interval Rapid Rehousing

50 shopping bags.

2 pieces of furniture.

Montefiore Children's Hospital

57 shopping bags.

St. Christophers

91 shopping bags.

Town and Country

53 shopping bags.

Rising Up

9 shopping bags.

Bronx Schools

5 shopping bags.


Flagstone Family Center

180 shopping bags.

Felicia's Promise

10 shopping bags.

3 outdoor activities.

Rising Ground

50 shopping bags.

5 pieces of furniture.


ICNA Relief

187 shopping bags.

6 pieces of furniture.

1 appliance.

1 air conditioner.


Individual families

302 shopping bags.

71 pieces of furniture.

3 outdoor activity.

6 laptops.

5 appliances.

The Rebirth of a Woman

105 shopping bags.

Ibrahim Lawson Fofanah Charity Foundation

330 bags.

School in the Square

325 shopping bags.

1 air conditioner.

New York Presbyterian

32 bags.

San Francisco, CA

Individual families

30 shopping bags.

1 piece of furniture.

Stratford, CT

Long Island, NY

Better Tomorrows

3 shopping bags.

1 piece of furniture.

Interfaith Nutritional,

40 shopping bags.

Bethany House

146 shopping bags.

5 pieces of furniture.

             Shopping bags: 12,932
                    Furniture: 1,166
Outdoor activities: 55
McDonald's Meals: 110
   Hardware boxes: 30
            Paintings: 7
              Printers: 2

           Appliances: 73
       Bags of food: 4
        Wheelchairs: 3

Grant a Wishlist Events

Marble Surface


Green Furnitures

22 NYC furnished apartment.

Marble Surface

Zero Dollar Store


Albanian American Open Hand Association

3 stores.

Bronx New York

Marble Surface



Grant a Wish(list) table at Shiloh Baptist Church pantry.
4 tables

Marble Surface

Zero Dollar Store Book Store

Marble Surface

Pantry Line


November 20, 2021
Thank you AAOHA for giving canned food for Beluah Baptist in the Bronx for Thanksgiving

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