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Connecting Communities through Sports was created to bring local communities together to inspire and empower one another to give back. The mission was to connect people to shelters, Boys and Girls Clubs, first generation students and those in need through creative ways to give back that had a sports component.  For many, sports is a great outlet to grow, learn and feel connected.  

Connecting Communities
through Sports

Hi. My name is Jared and I am a senior in high school. I am very passionate about sports and am so excited to watch myself grow by combining my passion while helping others. I love watching and playing sports. I love spending time with family and friends. I look forward to inspiring my community to give back. 






This program inspires communities to come together to collect items to fulfill wishlists that includes jerseys, sports accessories, equipment and sports related snacks.  All items are given and used for events that inspire giving back and connecting communities together.  Many of the collections also help kids celebrate the holidays by receiving an item.


This program is so empowering because communities can be part of creative events that incorporate a sports theme while giving back. All events are customized to the needs of the recipients. Examples of events are sports bingo night, sports theme study nights for first generation students on college campuses, sports bottle decorating, playing an sport or sports snack bags handed out on a pantry line.  Each event has a give back component that empowers the recipient.


This program inspires creative ways to give volunteers and recipients an opportunity to be empowered to be able to help others.  Volunteers are coming together to make sports themed cards during the holiday for kids facing medical challenges.  These creative cards have trivia and prizes on the inside. Recipients are empowered when receiving bags with sports gifts and blank paper so they can make cards and have a gift to be able to give back during the holidays.


All Hands In


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All Hands In


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August-September 2023
Thank you Jared for collecting sports jerseys in your community to give to children at Boys and Girls Clubs locally and across the country.
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