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Laptops for Learning

Laptops for learning was created in response to the great need for technology. Children and families are struggling with virtual learning due to the lack of working laptops and iPads per household.  This effort will allow more children to receive proper education in their home.

"Jocelyn, a junior in high school, and Samantha, an eighth-grader are very passionate about helping children learn. The sisters recognized the need for technology when tutoring a child in a shelter that was sharing one laptop among five siblings. This inspired them to join partners with Bake Back America to create an effort for a way for individuals and communities to come together to donate personal or company technology devices".



Bake Back America gets many requests from students who need technology for their studies. These families face challenges need assistance for their kids to be part of Zoom classes and properly doing homework.


Community drive for laptops or an IT Department’s donation of laptops or tablets can give children an opportunity to connect to volunteers and other educational resources.

Children with computers
Working on Laptop

Foster Care

Collecting gently used laptops and technology for children in foster care will help connecting them better to resources and their ability to self learn.



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Thank you so much for the laptop I've needed one for a while now since quarantine to help me do my schoolwork easier and actually be able to study at home now.

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  Laptops: 25
 Tablets: 5
Desktops: 14
Phones: 2
Printers: 3


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