Pets and Vets

Pets and Vets was created in response to the increase for pets in shelters due to COVID-19. Pets and Vets is a platform for individuals and communities to come together to bring necessities such as food, leashes and blankets to animals in shelters. It also allows us to recognize and give back to those helping them stay safe and healthy.

Nation of Change: Across the globe, Covid-19 puts animal shelters in crisis

Hi, my name is Isabella. I love science and animals. I am very passionate about caring for animals and those taking care of them. "I want to help animals that cannot help themselves, for example, animals that are in shelters, hospitals, or nature centers."


Care and Collect

Pets and Vets created this program to inspire individuals and communities to come together to collect pet items for animals in shelters and in need.

Creative Efforts

Pets and Vets created a platform for individuals to give back through creative efforts such as baking, and card making to those working with animals.

Pet Holidays

Pets and Vets created Pet Holidays to inspire pet lovers to recognize and allow pets to feel part of the holiday festivities. The act of kindness brings awareness for the urgent need to help these pets. The pet treats can be baked or store bought.

Submit an Act of Kindness

Pets and Vets created a platform for pet lovers to submit alternative acts of kindness (promoting a local nature center to encourage virtual class sign-ups).

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