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Letters of Friendship

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Letters of Hope was a program designed to inspire and empower college students to .....

Hi. My name is Scarlett....

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One On One Program

Volunteers will connect with recipients in a 1-1 program to provide a warm and comforting relationship through the following programs below:

Letters Of Hope Boxes

College students will receive a letter writing box that includes a starter kit and self addressed envelope for sending cards for children with cancer back to Bake Back America.  Card writing is in partnership with the Scarlett Fund.  Visit for more information.

Empowerment Snack Bags

These decorated snack bags will be produced during holidays and address food insecurity on college campuses while empowering students to give back by giving supplies and self addressed envelope to make a card for a child facing cancer.

In Person Events for Students on College Campuses

Students will be able to participate in an in person event making cards with kids with cancer in partnership with the Scarlett Fund during the holiday seasons.

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Empowerment Snack Bags

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