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Empowering Minds

Empowering minds was created to inspire and empower young students to grow confidence in financial literacy.  Learning age appropriate topics such as investments, savings, profits and entrepreneurship through project a based curriculum has empowered children's minds for their future.

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Hi. My name is Billie and I am a senior in high school. I am passionate about  empowering children at a young age to prepare for their future.  i love teaching these children about entrepreneurship and building businesses. I look forward to growing my passion in the future,
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Elementary School Age

These are the skills kids of an early age should focus on:  Counting and basic math skills.  Being comfortable with numbers, identifying coins and bills, learning about needs versus wants.  Being able to grasp the concept of spend, save and give.

Middle School Age

Financial Literacy classes teaches students the basics of money management.  Savings, debts, investments and budgeting are a few of them. This knowledge lays a foundation for students to build financial habits, practice them very early in life, and avoid the complications that lead to lifelong financial struggles.

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High School Age

Most high school students have limited financial literacy education prior to college.  They are on the cusp of living on their own and making important financial decisions that will impact their futures.  

College Age

Having strong information literacy skills will make you a more thoughtful and effective consumer and creator of information, and will increase your awareness of and resilience toward the psychological, physiological, and sociological effects of living in a society overloaded.

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Learn How to start Building A Business


Lemon Company

Learn how to build a copany from start.  Investors, logos, PR, develp product and sell, profits.

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Thank you Boys and Girls Club Durham, NC for giving BBA and Billie the opportunity to empower the children each week and come down to build a lemonade business.


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December 2022

Thank you Rhett, Luke, Cole and Billie for teaching the children at Coachman the value of the dollar.  They enjoyed looking at items and learning pricing.  After they decorated gingerbread cookies.
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October 2022

Thank you Billie, Urja and Shreya for teaching the kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Durham North Carolina how to be a nurse/doctor. They also earned a salary with play money and learn how to budget and shop in the BBA store.
Boys and Girls Club
Westchester, NY
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