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Design 4 Kindness
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Design 4 Kindness is a four step program that inspires people to learn the importance of using creative measures to make social changes in the world. The program uses color to inspire acts of kindness, empowerment and self growth. The art work created can impact lives in its abstract beauty as well as its life changing impact on our well-being. Color becomes a call to action and reminder of the importance of the key components towards building a beautiful community.

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Hi. My name is Sienna and I am a junior in high school. My strong desire to have self growth and love for creative design had empowered me to create this program.  Being able to inspire others the impact design can have on you and your community has changed my life. I look forward to starting galleries so we can together make changes for the better by our colorful wall of art.
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Color and Design Create Kindness

​​Creative designs that inspires social change 

This art history program studies colors and design of famous artists who inspires our creativity and patterns. Paintings created by young artists will be displayed in a gallery for its viewers to be empowered to take action and make social changes in their community.  Each piece of art work will represent powerful words that can change lives,

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Empowering art classes

thru color and design

This program 

Kindness builds community

Colored bracelets for kindness

bringing college students together

The empowerment bracelets is a perfect program to incorporate


Creating a Community at Boys and Girls Clubs

This program

Submit a Creative Art project or idea that inspires others to be our next art class. 


Colorful Lights


Image by Skye Studios


Image by Dragos Gontariu


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