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Local families may choose to serve as drop off points for a particular item, aiming to gather items that will serve organizations' needs without burdening the recipient organization's storage capacity. The efforts are differentiated by Bake Back America's deep connections both within donor and recipient communities, tying both together and making donations as smooth as possible. 


  1. Options:
    a. choose a recipient from below

    b. host suggests a recipient
    c. Back Back America recommends a recipient
  2. Decide if you will be:
    a. hosting a drop off

    b. creating an Amazon wishlist
  3. Organize your drive by social media or contacting friends and neighbors

  4. Bake Back America will help organize delivery

  5. Fill out the form below

Volunteer Form

Homeless Shelters

Coachman Family Center -

White Plains, New York


Ascension Church Food Pantry - New York

Hitchcock Church for Midnight Run

Shiloh Baptist Church - New Rochelle, NY

Ridgeway Church - White Plains, NY

Community Service Programs

Albanian American Open Hand Association - Bronx, New York

Caring for the Hungry and Homeless of Peekskill (CHHOP)

Private families in the Bronx, NY

New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority (NRMHA)

Salvation Army Yonkers - Yonkers, NY

YWCA Yonkers - Yonkers, NY

Please email us with any questions

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