To the Joggers for Juniors Family,


We are honored to welcome you to becoming a Bake Back America Joggers for Juniors' team member. You will be utilizing the platform that empowers children with special needs to feel confident that they can impact others in a positive way. This initiative is truly amazing because you are given the opportunity to help these children to feel included and part of a community. 

How this works:

  • Fill out the volunteer form
    - Provide the best contact number and days and times so Joggers for Juniors can set up an initial phone call to get you involved.

  • Joggers for Juniors will help create and guide you through your chosen events and initiatives for your group or child with special needs.

  • Joggers for Juniors will match your group or child with special needs with a recipient (shelter, hospital, first responder) to give back.

  • Joggers for Juniors will continue to grow the concept with you to keep empowering children with special needs.

Thank you for becoming a Joggers for Juniors team member. Our story together can change the lives of many children by giving them the confidence and respect to be included to give back.

Let's get started

NY Friendship Circle, Long Island.

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