Virtual Recess

Bake Back America will provide an outlet for children to take a break from their work routine. Volunteers will create a fun and interactive environment for students through zoom.  This effort creates a balance in the lives of these children.

Simon Says

Scavenger Hunt

Musical Chairs

Freeze Dance


Program Steps

  • Volunteers will be creating an hour recess break through zoom.

  • Volunteer will create a zoom link and will send it 45 minutes prior to the supplied email address.

  • Activities will include musical chairs, freeze dance, Simon says, scavenger hunts, sports, stretching and more.

  • Once a match is made children will be assigned a day and time and the fun will begin.

  • If student doesn’t pick up, a call is made to the family to make sure links are working.

  • Face Time is also an option.

Recipient Form

to receive Virtual Recess, please fill out form


to volunteer, please fill out form

Our Journey...

1 session = 1 hour virtual recess


Coachman Family Center in White Plains, New York.

6 sessions.

Vernon Plaza Shelter in Mount Vernon, New York.

1 sessions.

Long Island

Individual families

in Westchester.

12 sessions.

Bethany House in Roosevelt, New York.

2 sessions.


Anchorage Children's Center in Alaska.

1 sessions.


Sessions: 19

Long Island


Sessions: 2

Sessions: 1

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