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Universally Red ‘s mission is to align with the greatest minds and purest hearts to empower the type 1 diabetes community.

Universally Red produces informative and inspirational videos that shed light and hope upon the many challenges that are unique to T1D. Topics range from the latest scientific breakthroughs, advancements in technology and the social - emotional aspects that impact people of all ages living with T1D.


Bake Back America will donate $1 for each person who subscribes and likes the video. 1,000 is our goal. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Help a Diabetic Child effort.

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Bake Back America is partnering with Kimberly Salshutz as our resource for diabetes education and holistic healing.

Universally Red’s founder, Kimberly Salshutz holds a master’s degree of Oriental medicine for over 20 years. She is a dedicated acupuncturist, energy worker and licensed Chinese herbologist. She uplifts her patients through their healing journeys and celebrates their victories. Kimberly is the president of Healing Hands New York Acupuncture since 1999. Prior to this degree, she held a BFA which was instrumental in the execution of costume design and production for numerous television and print media channels.

To learn more about Kimberly, please visit her website: www.healinghandsnewyork.com

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