Educational Tutoring

Bake Back America is inspired to facilitate the continuation of education through zoom tutoring. The effort ensures students have an understanding of fundamental concepts as well as assisting in their homework.

Program Steps

  • Volunteers will help support students in all subjects.  

  • Volunteer will create a zoom link and will send it 45 minutes prior to the supplied email address.

  • Volunteers and students are notified when matches, days and times are confirmed. 

  • If student doesn’t pick up, a call is made to the family to make sure links are working.

  • Face Time is also an option.

Recipient Form

to receive tutoring, please fill out form


to tutor children, please fill out form

Our Journey...

1 session = 1 hour


Individual families in


261 hours.


Individual families in

Brooklyn, NY.

18 hours.

Westchester, NY

Hours: 261

Long Island

Bethany House in Roosevelt, New York.

1 session.

New York City

Individual families in

New York City.

170 hours.

New York City

Hours: 170

Brooklyn, NY

Long Island, NY

Hours: 18

Hours: 1

"My name is Elana and I am from Long Island, NY. I am 21 years old and currently in college studying Early Childhood Education, so when I heard about this organization I was eager to help out. I started participating in the Zoom Story Time program reading to children in homeless shelters. I really enjoyed participating, but wanted to find ways to help out more. Bake Back America has created an educational tutoring program which allowed me to do something I love to do while helping others. This program allows our recipients to receive tutoring they otherwise would be unable to receive. I’m so glad to be a part of this amazing organization and am looking forward to watching it grow even further!"

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