Mask Donations

Bake Back America partnered with Jehad from Top of the Line Drapery and Upholstery to help those in need protect themselves from the outbreak of COVID-19. These masks were made with much dedication and love to protect individuals and communities.

During COVID 19, Jehad converted her factory solely to make donated masks. These thousands of beautiful ultra suede washable masks have touched so many in need for PPE. Her incredibly kind heart has touched first responders, essential workers, those in need, families and friends.


Jehad has taken the time to make her donated masks in all sizes. Her desire to help young children to adults in homeless shelters and less fortunate has impacted so many in need.


1. Fill out the recipient form.


• Bake Back America matches you with a proper size.


• Option 1: Recipient does a non contact pick up.

• Option 2: Bake Back America mails mask to recipient.


Email photos to so we can post and inspire others.


Thank you Jehad for your incredible act of kindness. You are an inspiration!

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