Teachers and Principals

Bake Back America created Teachers and Principals as a platform for schools to utilize classrooms as an easy way to give students invaluable lesson on why its so important to give back.  The initiative also gives schools in need an opportunity to receive our programs.

SCHOOL: Give Back Programs

Craft with Me

Craft with Me created the Give Back program as a platform to empower children in shelters, family centers, and schools to create and give back to others in need.

Pets and Vets

Pets and Vets is a platform for individuals and communities to come together to bring necessities such as food, leashes and blankets to animals in shelters. It also allows us to recognize and give back to those helping them stay safe and healthy.

Necessities in a Box

Grant a Wish(list) created Necessities in a Box to inspire individuals and communities to come together to collect items that shelters and families in meed were priorities.  This effort is so essential because the items are necessities for those less fortunate.

Joggers for Juniors

Joggers for Juniors joins forces with Friendship Circle in Long Island to tie dye sweat pants for children in homeless shelters.

SCHOOL: Receiving Programs

Grant a Wish(list)

Grant a Wish(list) was created to inspired individuals and communities to come together to fulfill wishes from shelters, community centers, and families in need.

Box Meals and Groceries

AAOHA and ICNA Relief USA donates and delivers box meals, groceries and mobile pantries to homeless shelters and families in need.

Educational Tutoring

Bake Back America is inspired to facilitate the continuation of education through zoom tutoring. The effort ensures students have an understanding of fundamental concepts as well as assisting in their homework.

Friday Night Fun

Friday night social was created to bring social activities for children in shelters after a long week of school. This effort is a platform that allows kids to consistently look forward to Friday Nights. The interactive hour brings excitement as children can win prizes and make yummy desserts.

Samantha's Dance Program

Samantha's Dance Program is partnering with Bake Back America to offer dance to children of all ages. This program will offer a wonderful outlet for exercise, creativity and to support the emotional benefits that dancing can bring to you.

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