Seniors Night Out

Bake Back America was inspired to create Seniors Night Out due to the lack of senior programs resulting from COVID 19. This initiative enables volunteers to connect to this age group through a variety of activities such as dance, bingo, story time, and sing alongs. Volunteers will have an opportunity to give joy and companionship to so many in need.

Hi, my name is  Michelle and I am a social worker. A big part of my life is an organization called the jetta* Program, Jewish Teens Take Action, at West Hills Torah Center. I am also a passionate advocate for LGBTQ youth.


1. Fill out the volunteer form.



• Volunteer will be matched with a recipient from a nursing home or private home.

• Volunteer will receive a day and  time for session. 

• Volunteer will choose mutually agreed upon activities.

• Volunteer will be supplied with contact information.



• Volunteer will prepare for one hour session.

• Volunteer will choose from a variety of activities; crafting, dancing, story time, Friday night bingo and sing alongs. See helpful hints.



• Bake Back America will confirm recipient has bingo set and prizes.
• Volunteer calls a letter and number.  
• Volunteer keeps track on paper.
• Letters are BINGO
• Numbers are as follows 
B - 1-15
I -16-30
N -31-45
G - 46-60
O - 61-75O



• Bake Back America will set up a group text with recipient and volunteer.



• Volunteer will send a zoom link 45 minutes to group text or supplied email.
• If recipient does not pick up volunteer should call recipient immediately or contact Bake Back America.
• If zoom is not working offer face time.

• Once session is completed volunteer writes "done" on group text.



• Volunteer needs to wear mask and social distance during in person events.

• Help Bake Back America inspire others.

• Email photos to so we can post and inspire others.

• Waiver must be signed to take photos of children or seniors.





1. Fill out the recipient form.

2. Bake Back America will contact you to get you started.

3. Email photos to so we can post and inspire others.


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