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Program List


Distance Learning

Educational Tutoring

Bake Back America is inspired to facilitate the continuation of education through zoom tutoring. The effort ensures students have an understanding of fundamental concepts as well as assisting in their homework.


Craft with Me

Craft with me is an effort to bring fun and creativity to children. The kids receive art supplies in the mail that are then used for zoom art classes. Crafting is a great way for kids to use their imagination while providing a therapeutic component.  


Let's Dance

Let's Dance is partnering with Bake Back America to offer dance to children of all ages. This program will offer a wonderful outlet for exercise, creativity and to support the emotional benefits that dancing can bring to you.


Give for Kindness

Bake Back America inspires individuals who are passionate about giving back and bringing communities together to perform acts of kindness. Give for Kindness was created to raise money to support our many impactful efforts.


Virtual Recess

Bake Back America will provide an outlet for children to take a break from their work routine. Volunteers will create a fun and interactive environment for students through zoom. This effort creates a balance in the lives of these children.


Joggers for Juniors

Joggers for Juniors was created to give children with special needs a platform to give back to individuals and communities. This effort focuses on a warm and supportive environment that empowers children to feel confident that they can impact others. The inspiration behind this effort was to connect two very special communities, one with special needs and one faced with life’s hardships to take that jog down the path together.


Friday Night Fun

Friday night social was created to bring social activities for children in shelters after a long week of school. This effort is a platform that allows kids to consistently look forward to Friday Nights. The interactive hour brings excitement as children can win prizes and make yummy desserts.


Bake Back

Choose a recipient that you appreciate or that is in need. Bake and deliver on your own, following safety guidelines. Please send us your best baking image or any act of kindness while using proper safety guidelines (i.e. gloves, mask, individually wrapped).


Photo Opportunities

Bake Back America helps facilitate opportunities for photographers to give back to first responders. Photographers take pictures to make photo-based gifts, for example calendars.

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Pets and Vets

Pets and Vets was created in response to the increase for pets in shelters due to COVID-19. Pets and Vets is a platform for individuals and communities to come together to bring necessities such as food, leashes and blankets to animals in shelters. It also allows us to recognize and give back to those helping them stay safe and healthy.

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Holiday Clean Up

Holiday Clean Up was created to inspire individuals and communities to come together after a holiday to donate decorations and costumes to give to those less fortunate. These collections will have a great impact by creating a festive environment for families in shelters and community centers during the holiday times.


Let's make a difference in your community

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