Westhab Mother's Day Effort

Happy Mother's Day. Wow! We reached our goal and brought sunshine to 300 moms in shelters. Westhab shelters and Oasis shelters said the moms had smiles on their face they haven't seen before.

Thank you Scarsdale moms for donating , Colonial Village Flowers, Geaux Nuts, Brianna for the card making, Jenna for the bracelets, Sushma for donating a beautiful picture, Coach Steve for making it happen and Jonathan Gordon at Channel 12 news for bringing the effort to life!

Bake Back America Steps

Locate your homeless family shelter.

Set your GoFundMe page and get your community involved.

Support local retailers and businesses.

Get local volunteers to make bracelets.

Deliver gifts.

Get media coverage.

Bake Back America thanks the children for recognizing our efforts.

How can you get started?

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