Scarsdale Fire Department

The career firefighters of the Scarsdale Uniformed Firefighters Association, Scarsdale Fire Department, and Bake Back America have joined forces.  Bake Back America will be acquiring a limited amount of homemade masks weekly, and the members of the Scarsdale Fire Department will be delivering the masks to those Scarsdale residents that are elderly, infirmed, and high risk due to other illnesses.  If anybody knows of a Scarsdale resident in need, please email and we will coordinate a drop off time.


Due to the higher-risk residents that these masks will be delivered to, the masks will be placed in a plastic bag and put in their mailbox, so proper social distancing can be maintained.

We are excited to announce that we have delivered our first round of masks! In case you missed out, Bake Back America has been acquiring home made masks and partnered up with us to get them delivered to our residents. If you or someone you know, that is elderly or high risk, and in need of a mask, please email And we will get the masks delivered to them. To respect social distancing and to protect our residents, the masks will be put in a plastic bag and placed in the mailbox.

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