At Learning Express Toys, we aim to provide our customers with a lively, interactive shopping experience that delights the young and the young at heart. We take great pride in calling ourselves a "Neighborhood Toy Store" because we are just that - a hub of activity, a meeting spot for friends and neighbors, a place where we get to know you and your children by name. On any given day of the week, you'll find us doing what we do best: Just playing around. Stop by and we're sure to be demonstrating our products, and providing a friendly, hands-on atmosphere for all.

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Bake Back America has collaborated with Learning Express to give back to those in need.


A child at the Coachman Family


A toy donation is $10, and 10% of every purchase will go to bringing meals and groceries to Westchester.


Every month our goal is to give toys to 175 children.

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