These beautiful snowflakes represent children and organizations coming together to help those in need. 

The mission of Joggers for Juniors is to combine the passion for helping children with special needs to help those less fortunate. Joggers for Juniors have joined forces with Bake Back America to make this dream come true during the holiday season.

Hello, my name is Emma Klein. I have always been passionate about giving back to those with special needs or those in need. I have been involved with many non-profits but have been devoting the past 5 years to an extraordinary organization called The New York Friendship Circle. Their main goal is to help children with special needs foster friendships with teenagers, like me. I am honored to be on their leadership board.

  1. Please support me in collecting 150 joggers to distribute to the children in the Bethany House (Long Island, NY) and the Coachman Family Center (Westchester NY).

  2. Our helpers will include the children from The New York Friendship Circle organization who will help tie-dye the joggers for the children in the homeless shelters.

  3. Delivery to the children during the holiday season, combined with hot cocoa and holiday toys.


How can you get started?

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