Joggers for Juniors was created to give children with special needs a platform to give back to individuals and communities. This effort focuses on a warm and supportive environment that empowers children to feel confident that they can impact others. The inspiration behind Joggers for Juniors was to connect two very special communities, one with special needs and one faced with life’s hardships to take that jog down the path together.

Hello, my name is Emma. I have always been passionate about giving back to children with special needs. I have devoted the past 5 years to an extraordinary organization called The New York Friendship Circle. I am honored to be on their leadership board. Joggers for Juniors has partnered with Bake Back America to create an inclusive environment for young people with special needs to give back.

NY Friendship Circle, Long Island.


Letter Writing

Joggers for Juniors empowers children with special needs to give back through creative efforts such as paintings, card making or creating art projects.

Joggers for Juniors empowers children with special needs to give back through creative themed writing to children in shelters, nursing homes, hospitals and first responders.

Creative Efforts

Fun and Games

Joggers for Juniors creates a platform for one child with special needs with a supervisor to bring fun through game playing.

Collection and Sorting

Joggers for Juniors creates this initiative for children with special needs with a volunteer to collect necessities and sort them for shelters and those in need.



Joggers for Juniors joins forces with Friendship Circle in Long Island to tie-dye sweat pants for children in homeless shelters.

February Give Back

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