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Bake Back America will utilize their connections with local organizations to track critically needed items. Our aim is to rapidly source those items through community donations from Westchester County residents.

Jessica, a journalist living in Scarsdale, has connected donor and recipient communities in the past. She has been collecting clothing, furniture and medical equipment from friends and neighbors for redistribution to local charities. She has often thought how great it would be to have a single entity that tracked which local organizations were looking for specific items.


Her daughter Helen, 9, started baking for Bake Back America after the coronavirus outbreak. Bake Back America helped Jessica realize the goal of establishing a wishlist clearinghouse for local organizations that sought in-kind donations of children's goods, clothing, and household items to make donations more seamless. 

Photo credit to Tracy McCarthy

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Clothes and toys delivered to...

1 shopping bag = clothes, toys, household products, school supplies diapers and more

Furniture = beds, tables, dressers, desks, chairs, air conditioners

Outdoor activities = bikes, scooters

Hardware box = 35 parts


Coachman Family Shelter in White Plains, NY.

37 shopping bags.

2 pieces of furniture.

1 painting.

Church of G-d in Mount Vernon, NY.

15 shopping bags.

Salvation Army in Yonkers, NY.

15 shopping bags.

Vernon Plaza Shelter in Mount Vernon, NY.

40 shopping bags.

San Andres Episcopal Church in Yonkers, New York.

70 shopping bags.

Midnight Run at Hitchcock Church in Scarsdale, New York.

12 shopping bags.

St. Peters Episcopal Church in Port Chester, New York.

3 shopping bags.

Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE) Yonkers, NY.

4 shopping bags.

Ossining Children's Center in Ossining, New York.

54 shopping bags.

9 outdoor activities.

6 pieces of furniture.

1 painting.

Bethany African Methodist Episcopal Church in Yonkers, NY.

183 shopping bags.

Individual families in Westchester, NY.

62 shopping bags.

12 pieces of furniture.

1 laptop.

Child Care Council of Westchester in Scarsdale, New York.

15 bags.

Caring for the Hungry and Homeless in Peekskill, NY

10 shopping bags.

Shiloh Baptist Church in New Rochelle, NY.

118 shopping bags.

60 McDonald's meals.

Family Services of Westchester in Purchase, NY.

24 shopping bags.

Ridgeway Church Food Pantry in White Plains, New York.

20 shopping bags.

Salvation Army in White Plains, New York.

1 shopping bags.

Bowen Memorial Outreach Program, Mt Vernon, New York.

46 shopping bags.

Union Baptist Church in New Rochelle, New York.

40 shopping bags.

2 outdoor activities.

50 McDonald's meals.

New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority in New Rochelle, New York.

3 shopping bags.

New Rochelle Community Partnership in New Rochelle, New York.

55 shopping bags.

Open Arms Shelter

in White Plains, NY.

3 shopping bags.

HOPE Community Services in New Rochelle, New York.

167 bags.

Macedonia Church in Mount Vernon, New York.

20 bags.

New York City

Individual families in NYC.

238 shopping bags.

43 pieces of furniture.

3 outdoor activity.

6 laptops.

1 kitchen appliance.

Montefiore Children's Hospital in the Bronx, NY.

37 shopping bags.

ICNA Relief USA in  Jamaica, NY.

170 shopping bags.

1 air conditioner.

School in the Square in New York City.

187 shopping bags.

1 air conditioner.

Albanian American Open Hand Association in the Bronx, New York.

658 shopping bags.

21 outdoor activities.

10 pieces of furniture.

1 laptop.

1 monitor.

30 boxes of hardware.

Church of G-d Good Neighbors Outreach in the Bronx, NY.

361 shopping bags.

1 outdoor activity.

8 pieces of furniture.

1 laptop.

The Rebirth of a Woman in New York City.

105 shopping bags.

Flagstone Family Center in Brooklyn, NY.

80 shopping bags.

Interval Rapid Rehousing in the Bronx, NY.

50 shopping bags.

1 piece of furniture.

San Francisco, CA

Individual families in San Francisco, CA.

30 shopping bags.

1 piece of furniture.

Long Island, NY

Bethany House in Roosevelt, NY.

89 shopping bags.

Interfaith Nutritional

in Hempstead, NY.

40 shopping bags.

Westchester, NY

     Shopping bags: 967

              Furniture: 20

Outdoor activities: 11

McDonald's Meals: 110

              Paintings: 2

                Laptops: 1

New York City

      Shopping bags: 1,926

              Furniture: 61

 Outdoor activities: 25

                 Laptops: 8

                Monitors: 1

    Hardware boxes: 30

Kitchen appliances: 1

San Francisco, CA

Shopping bags: 30

         Furniture: 1

Long Island, NY

Shopping bags: 129

Special Events

Grant a Wish(list) table at Shiloh Baptist Church pantry 

Furnished a Private Apartment

Grant a Wish(list) table at Ossining Children's Center pantry 

Grant a Wish(list) table at HOPE Community Services pantry 

Back to College Drive

Grant a Wish(list) table at

New Rochelle Community Service pantry 

Grant a Wish(list) table at Good Neighbors Outreach pantry 

Grant a Wish(list) Shower Day at Macedonia Church

Grant a Wish(list) table at School in the Square pantry 

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