Grant a Wish(list)

Bake Back America will utilize their connections with local organizations to track critically needed items. Our aim is to rapidly source those items through community donations from Westchester County residents.


Grant a Wish(list)

Grant a Wish(list) was created to inspired individuals and communities to come together to fulfill wishes from shelters, community centers, and families in need.

Necessities in a Box

Bake Back America created Necessities in a Box as a platform to inspire volunteers to inspire volunteers to fulfill necessity wishlists to those in need. 

Extras are Essentials

Bake Bake America created this effort to help volunteers find an immediate recipient for items they have have found during their clean up. From holiday candy to an old coffee maker or hotel shampoo samples, your extras may make someone’s day


Pantry Tables

Bake Back America created Pantry Tables to facilitate an easy and accessible way to distribute requested items to those in need in pantry lines.

Holiday Wishes

Bake Back America created Holiday Wishes to inspire individuals and communities to bring the joys of the holidays to those in shelters and less fortunate.

Zero Dollar Store

Bake Back America created the Zero Dollar store to create an inviting environment for those in need to get a store shopping experience. 

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