Joggers for Juniors: Fun and Games

Fun and Games was created as a platform to empower children with special needs the important role they can have on impacting children in shelters and less fortunate. The fun and games such as bingo, freeze dance, simon says will bring joy to many young faces and create confidence and leadership for the child running the session.


1. Fill out the volunteer form.



• Joggers for Juniors supplies all contact information.

• Joggers for Juniors confirms days and times for sessions, ages and amount of children.


Givers: children with special needs giving back

• Joggers for Juniors or volunteer chooses an organization or child with special needs to empower.

Recipients: receiving fun and games

• Joggers for Juniors or volunteer chooses the recipient from shelter, hospital, nursing home to receive the give back.


• Volunteer prepares one hour session session with child(ren) with special needs for the Fun and Games virtual session.

• Volunteer and child(ren) chooses the activities such as freeze dance, simon sez, musical chairs, and bingo.


Bingo Option

• Bake Back America confirms recipient has bingo set and prizes.

• Volunteer and child with special needs calls a letter and number.  
• Volunteer keeps track on paper.
• Letters are BINGO
• Numbers are as follows:
B - 1-15
I - 16-30
N - 31-45
G - 46-60
O - 61-75O



• Bake Back America sets up a group text with recipient and volunteer.

Giver: children with special needs giving back

Virtual Session

• Volunteer conducts one hour preparation session with child(ren) with special needs.

• Volunteer conducts one hour session with child(ren) with special needs and recipient.

• Volunteer and child(ren) need to be together or in zoom for session with recipient.

• Volunteer sends a zoom link 45 minutes to group text or supplied email.

If there is no response, volunteer calls recipient immediately and if there is no answer, contacts Bake Back America.

• Volunteer offers face time if zoom isn’t working.

• Volunteer writes "done" on group text when session completed.



Bingo Set

Option 1: Volunteer drop off is non contact.

Option 2: Volunteer mails bingo set.

• Bake Back America supplies address.



• Help Bake Back America inspire others.

• Email photos of yourself to

Waiver must be signed to take photos of the recipient.


Read the Joggers for Juniors Welcome Letter:

Organizations with Children with Special Needs:


1. Fill out the recipient form.

2. Bake Back America will contact you to get started.

3. Email photos to so we can post and inspire others

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