Creative Efforts

Creativity Efforts was designed to empower children with special needs to express themselves through art projects, card making and painting as a way for them to feel their important role in giving  back. The themed creations focuses the children to feel confident and successful on their mission to be performing acts of kindness.  

Program Steps

  1. Fill out the volunteer form.

  2. Choose or Joggers for Juniors will choose an organization or child with special needs to empower.

  3. Choose or Joggers for Juniors will choose the recipient (shelter, hospital, nursing home) to properly theme the creative projects.

  4. Confirm children have appropriate supplies for creative efforts (paper, pens, colored pencils, paints, brushes).

  5. Joggers for Juniors volunteers will send a zoom link 45 minutes prior to the recipients email address to conduct the creative session. Follow up with contact at time of session if there are any connection issues.

  6. Social distancing and masks required for any in person sessions.

  7. Joggers for Juniors will facilitate delivery for your creative projects to chosen recipients.

  8. Send photos to so we can post and inspire others.

Organizations with Children with Special Needs:

Joggers for Juniors Volunteers:

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