Creative Art Activities for a Good Cause

My name is Catherine and I started Creative Kids in response to the impact of COVID-19. My mission is to safely enable children to work together in a fun environment and express themselves creatively. By partnering with Bake Back America, I hope these collaborative workshops for kids can be used as a force for good for our community and send a positive message to our children on the importance of looking after others and giving back.

October Give Back

Help us create a Halloween experience for the children at Vernon Plaza Family Shelter and Coachman Family Center.




The decorations from the creative classes will be used to do a makeover at a room at Coachman Family Center and Vernon Plaza Shelter.

  • All classes are in person (see below for guidelines)

  • VIRTUAL - Classes for children only attending virtual for school

  • HYBRID - Classes for children only in hybrid model for school


Key Points for Classes

  • Takes place from 4:00-6:00pm.

  • Mask, water bottle and comfortable shoes required.

  • Five kids maximum.

  • Masks will be mandatory.

  • Attendees cannot have traveled in 14 days.

  • Kids will be spaced at a large art table outdoors.

  • Make up workshops will be offered for rain days.

  • Each workshop will be for two hours.

  • A supply list will be provided prior to booking. 

  • Isolated bathroom with hand sanitizer will be available.

Bake Back America will be supplying costumes.

The children at these shelters will enjoy the decorated room while taking turns going in and collecting candy. Thank you for making this Halloween experience happen.



Thank you to Midnite Snax for donating the candy for the scavenger hunt.

Halloween luminaries and trick or treat bags

Virtual: October 19

Hybrid: October 26

Halloween candy pinatas

Virtual: October 20 & 21

Hybrid: October 27 & 28

Glow in the dark pumpkins

Virtual: October 22

Hybrid: October 29

Scary decorations and spooky boo bunting

Virtual: October 23

Hybrid: October 30

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