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brings free


to children in shelters and less fortunate during the holidays.

WHAT: Caroline, a freshman in Roslyn High School wanted to give back during this challenging COVID 19.  She collaborated with Bake Back America, an organization based on kindness, to offer free virtual art programs to children in shelters and less fortunate. During the holidays Caroline will be making gingerbread houses and holiday frames through virtual art sessions across New York.

WHERE: Bethany House in Long Island and many other shelters and families less fortunate.

WHEN: Week of December 14, 2020

Thank you sponsor Shaarei Tikvah Congregation in Scarsdale for donating and preparing 84 gingerbread kits.

Bake Back America/Craft with Me

Craft with Me was started by Caroline Faber in May 2020. After reading to children in a homeless shelter through Bake Back America, she was inspired to bring more innovative and fun programs to children in need. Arts and crafts provided a relaxing and enjoyable outlet for Caroline during quarantine and she felt that it could be therapeutic for children in need as well. She created a weekly calendar of crafts, assembled boxes of supplies for children (including scissors, glue, markers, watercolor paints, paper, etc) and sent boxes to the shelters and families that signed up for her program.


Over the summer, she and her team served 3 shelters. Now, Caroline has 14 active volunteers (from NY, NJ, Georgia and Connecticut) and together, they provide 15 hours of arts and crafts via Zoom each week equaling 80 + children (classes at the shelters and multiple children per family) on average a week. In Virginia, Caroline sends the craft supplies and pre-recorded instructional videos to a domestic violence shelter that is unable to do zoom classes for safety reasons. So far, she serves children in Westchester, Long Island, NYC, Virginia and Alaska (plan to start 11/2020).  More families are joining regularly and she is excited to grow and expand this program!


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