Craft with me is an effort to bring fun and creativity to children. Crafting is a great way for kids to use their imagination and fun while providing a therapeutic component. Craft supplies will be donated, packaged and delivered to children at shelters and other venues. Supplies will be provided to create a fun craft during Zoom sessions with a craft leader. The simple and fun projects will be themed around seasons, holidays and other kid friendly topics to keep the children excited and engaged.

My name is Caroline. I am 13 years old and I’m going into 9th grade. I’ve always loved helping people. I did Door Stop Delight and thought it was fun. I also participated in the zoom story time through Bake Back America. I really loved seeing the children happy and wanted to do more.


I’ve always loved doing arts and crafts and it is something that makes me feel calm and happy, so I thought of sending craft kids to the kids in these shelters to make them feel the same way I do when I do arts and crafts. These craft kits will be sent to the shelters and then I will zoom with the kids and do the crafts with them. 

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Our Journey...

Each Craft with Me box contains: 2 sheets of paper,1 glue bottle, 1 glue stick, 1 pair of scissors, 1 watercolor paint set, lei (for fun!), 2 play dohs, 10 markers, 2 tempera paint sticks.

Each 10 x 13 ziplock Craft with Me kit bag contains:  all extra materials needed to do the craft (approx. 8 items).


Coachman Family Center in White Plains, New York.

160 craft kits.

10 craft boxes.

Vernon Plaza in Mount Vernon, New York.

44 craft kits.

12 craft boxes.

Individual families in Westchester.

34 craft kits.

10 craft boxes.

New York City

Individual families in

New York City.

38 craft kits.

6 craft boxes.

Long Island

Bethany House in Roosevelt, New York.

40 craft kits.

10 craft boxes.


Doorways in Arlington, Virginia.

20 craft kits.

Westchester, NY

      Craft kits: 238

Craft boxes: 32

New York City

      Craft kits: 38

Craft boxes: 6

Long Island

    Craft kits: 40

Craft boxes: 10


Craft kits: 20

Craft with Me Leaders

Caroline Faber

Nicole Faber

Elle Kaplin

Noah Faber

Camilla McManus

Ella Siev

Maya Faber

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