Craft with Me was created as a platform to utilize art as a connection between volunteers and recipients. This initiative allows the recipient to use their imagination and have the opportunity to explore art.

My name is Caroline and I am 14 years old. I created Craft with Me because I am very passionate about helping others. It brings me such joy to watch children connect through art. Craft with Me is so rewarding because it has created a platform that allows me to impact children in a positive way. 


Art in a Bag

Craft with Me created Art in a Bag is a platform for volunteers to connect with children in shelters, community centers, or individuals through art projects sent in a bag.

The Art Connoisseur

Craft with Me created Art Connoisseur for all those artists that have a special art focus that they would like to share as a special event or initiative.

Give Back

Craft with Me created the Give Back program as a platform to empower children in shelters, family centers, and schools to create and give back to others in need.


Holiday Celebration

Craft with Me created Holiday Celebration to inspire children in shelters, community centers and individuals to embrace the holidays through creative art projects.


Craft with Me created Sponsor a Program to inspire organizations to have the opportunity to partner with Craft with Me in giving back to those less fortunate.

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