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Resourceful Art

Bake Back America created Art at home  to empower children of all ages to think outside the box by using regular household items to be self sufficient.  Being able to find things in the house to create art and give backs and learn how to find resources to learn basic educational concepts.  Many amazing ideas can be created through learning how to use your resources


My name is Addison and I am a junior in high school. I am passionate about helping others and wanted to help Bake Back America create a program that would inspire and empower children to use their imagination to create ways.  I wanted to teach them you can do more with less while having fun.

Paper Craft
Give Back


Art Class

Creative Solutions

This program empowers children to find resources in their home to do clever craft. These effortless and accessible art uses simple resources such as paper for sketching or a leaves for beautiful arrangements.

Art Give Back

This program empowers children to be creative with their personal items so they can also be part of the giving back mission. Simple projects decorating small rocks as paper weight give backs or making an appreciation card truly makes an impact.
Paper Heart
Paper Cut

Educational Art

This program is wonderful for children that are working on basic math skills by cutting pieces of paper and using them to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Older students wanting to work on their writing skills through book making.



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Creative Solutions

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Art Give Back

Easy Education

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