Bake Back America Challenge

The Bake Back America challenge was created in response for the immediate need for kids to get chrome books to participate in virtual school.  The interactive environment gives individuals to come together virtually on social media to match dollars to purchase very specific but needed items.  It is a great environment to bring individuals and communities together for the same cause.

Hi, my name is Dana and I started the challenge to raise awareness for children in desperate need for chrome books to receive proper education. The response was so overwhelming and the community was so generous that we were able to buy five chrome books. I have partnered with Bake Back America to help volunteers create social media challenges for specific items that need to be purchased for those in challenging circumstances.

Program Steps

  1. Sign up to lead a Bake Back America challenge.

  2. Bake Back America will suggest a needed item and a recipient.

  3. Bake Bake America will supply volunteer with information to create a post.

  4. Challenge begins. 

Our Story

Coachman Family Shelter in White Plains, NY.

Friday Bingo Night: 3 sessions

Cupcake Decorating: 1 session

How can you get started?

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