Bake Back America created Love to Learn as a platform to inspire and encourage teenagers the importance of learning and being motivated to reach their potential. This initiative incorporates education tutoring geared towards college, application process, and helping with the basic needs to further yourself beyond high school.


to Love to Learn

Love to Learn starts with an intake form so every student can get a customized program to match their needs.  Every student receives a signature Learn to Love notebook used during sessions and classes.


Educational Building

Recipient receives customized sessions focusing on schoolwork, ACT/SAT guidance, college application process.

Job Opportunities

Recipient receives guidance on steps to applying and getting job applications and preparing for job interviews.

Motivation Building

Recipient receives guidance on taking action to print out necessary forms and be inspired to pursue their dreams.




Annaliese and Grace are sisters and go to school in Los Angeles. Abby is their cousin from New York. These girls are passionate about giving back to those less fortunate and being kind to all. They are so excited to combine their efforts and make a difference in both parts of the country.

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