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Empowering through Education


Bake Back America created Empowering through Education to inspire young students to learn a range of important topics ranging from math, english, financial literacy to empowerment programs. This program is learning through projects that inspire creative thinking and team building .


Hello, my name is Justin

I am a senior in high school. I am passionate about learning and educating children about financial awareness so they can plan for their future. I also feel really great when I empower children with knowledge so they can be educated for the grown up world. 

Elementary Classroom


Ancient Coins

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy classes teaches students the basics of money management.  Savings, debts, investments and budgeting are a few of them. This knowledge lays a foundation for students to build financial habits, practice them very early in life, and avoid the complications that lead to lifelong financial struggles.

Show n Tell

An important part of education and learning benefits comes through fun and easy activities.  Some of the benefits are boosting self esteem, developing confidence, sharpening speaking skills and other social skills, developing listening skills, learning how to ask questions and  developing effective communication skills through the use of descriptive language.

Computer Class


Helping students struggling academically with one-on-one sessions can be life changing for many students who need the extra time to break down information.  Understanding the concepts before tackling the homework helps build a better foundation and the helps with the building blocks to grow.  This program also focuses on test preparation.

Students Helping Students

This program is an incredible opportunity to help first generation on college campuses prepare for their new educational adventure.  Fulfilling wish lists such as food and professional clothing has helped make the transition smoother. Students can also help create bags filled with needed supplies or even to help with dealing with the stresses that come along with being in a new environment for the first time.


Special Programs

Build a Business

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 10.55.01 PM.png

Volunteers are empowered and inspired to teach children through a six week program had to start a business and grow the concept and develop product for Bake Back America volunteers can sell for the recipient.

Create a Curriculum

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 10.58.30 PM.png

Volunteers create curriculums and learn how to write a lesson plan.  These sheets explain the objectives, lesson focus and instructions. There are also attached work sheet to enhance the plan.

Create an Educational Game


Volunteers are inspired to empower students to take taught lesson plans and create an interactive game that is fun but educational. Game making is creative and encourages learning through team playing.


Euro Bill




Financial Literacy
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Thank  you Aidan for this amazing documentary focusing on three students (Justin, Luke, Cole) who taught building a business class to children at Coachman Family Center.  The children made product and we sold it for a profit.  All proceeds went back to the shelter.
August 2022

Thank you Cole, Justin, Tricia for teaching the children at Coachman Family Center in White Plains, NY about the value of money.
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