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Creating Community

Teaches students the important skills towards creating a healthy community through a 5 step program. The flag football program represents all sports and how it teaches us the invaluable lessons that sports instills in us about RESPECT, TRUST, BALANCE, ENCOURAGEMENT, and KINDNESS. These values can be applied to our real life communities outside of sports.  Our mission of reaching these goals together allows for us to live in a positive, healthy and happy way.

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Hi, My name is Izzy and I am a junior in high school. Sports has been a big and important part of my life.  I have a true love for flag football because it has given me the opportunity to be part of a community and help me grow as a person.  I have partnered with BBA and have been teaching children flag football at a local Boys and Girls Club and a shelters.  It has truly brought out my new found passion of combining my sports with inspiring and empowering kids to be part of a community and learn so many invaluable lessons. I am thrilled to make a difference in so many lives.

Creating Community through playing Sports
5 step program:
Community built at Boys and Girls Club Mt. Vernon chanting the 5 words; respect, kindness. encourage, balance and trust.
"Crucial for every positive relationship and essential for a kind world. Respect means listening to each other and honoring someone else's boundaries. Playing sports teaches us RESPECT and how to apply it to life." -Izzy
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Flag Football Classes

Sports Classes

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Entrepreneurship class through sports management

Applying the 5 steps to the real  world


Building your local Commuity 

Connecting Communities

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