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Everyday Justice

Bake Back America created Criminal Justice as a platform to inspire and empower young adults in detention centers and prisons to learn financial literacy and empowerment skills to better themselves.  This program also focuses on helping young students to prepare financially and socially.

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Hi, My name is Ashley and I am a junior in High School.  I am passionate about having a career in criminal justice and love inspiring and empowering young children to better themselves.  I would love to help wrongfully  convicted prisoners get back on their feet,  I also enjoy playing soccer and spending time with my family and friends.

Pillars of Justice


In Person or Zoom Option

Floral Card

Empowerment Cards

This program inspires individuals to make cards, birthday, appreciation or any other special occasion. Recipients will receive a special card with crayons and extra paper to be empowered to give back. This simple but creative project is son impactful.

Financial Literacy

This program inspires students of all ages to understand the topic of money through creative projects.  Understanding core areas of financial  literacy; {earn, save ,invest, budget, protect, give back} will give you the foundation of a relationship with money and is a lifelong journey of learning.
Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator
Motivational Lecture

Empowerment Programs

This program inspires individuals to believe in themselves through creative projects. empowering others is so important in helping people build confidence and become stronger. It gives you the ability to becoming successful personally, emotionally anf financially


This program customizes list of items needed by an organization, individual or group. They can range from new to gently used.  Items are necessities such as food, clothing, toiletries and household products.  It is very inspiring to fulfill wishlists as the impact is great on others. 
Fashion Rail

Empowerment Programs



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Empowerment Cards

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Financial Literacy
Empowerment Programs
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