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Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning is a platform that inspires young adults to understand the personal growth and rewards for helping others.  This program gets individuals started by helping children facing medical issues and rewarding the pets that are servicing them.

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My name is Jack.  I am passionate about giving back and being there for others.  I started giving back by making dog toys for service dogs. This has inspired me to get more involved with collecting items and doing events for families at the Ronald McDonald Houses. I look forward to my journey because this is just the beginning.

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Give Back


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Wishlist Items

This program focuses on the most important items needed for people facing challenges like food, clothing, toiletries and items needed during the holidays.  This fullfilments focuses on Ronald McDonald Houses, first generation students and exonorees.

Service Dog Toys

This program in an incredible for volunteers who passionately want to help animals who help and guide people.  Making homemade toys and customized snack bags for service dogs is so inspoirational.
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Christmas Cookies


This program inspires volunteers to create amazing and empowering events that are creative and encourages a giving back component.  The focus can be an art project that gives people a chance to be kind to others or can celebrate a holiday.



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December 2022
Thank you Jack for helping the Ronald McDonald House in Northern Westchester wrapping gifts for the families.

Wishlist Items

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December 2022
Thank you Jack for making snack bags for the Ronald McDonald House in Northern Westchester .

Service Dogs Toys

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December 2022
Thank you Jack for sending dog toys to the service dogs for the blind.
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