Zoom Story Time for Children in Shelters and Private Homes

 Bake Back America created story time to bring a relaxing but learning experience to children in shelters. Story time is an important part of a young ones life in hopes to encourage them to love books.

Program Steps

  • Volunteers will be matched with a shelter on a specific day and time.

  • Volunteer will create a zoom link and will send it 45 minutes prior to the supplied email address.

  • Volunteers are required to find hard copy books or free online books to share with the children.

  • If the shelter doesn’t pick up, a call is made to the shelter to make sure links are working.

  • Face Time is also an option.

Recipient Form

to receive Zoom Story Time, please fill out form


to read to children, please fill out form

Our Journey

1 session = 40 minutes


Coachman Family Center in White Plains, New York.

38 sessions.

25 hours.

Vernon Plaza in Mount Vernon, New York.

5 sessions.

3.6 hours.

Individual families in Westchester.

37 sessions.

24.4 hours.

New York City

Individual families in New York City.

5 sessions.

3.3 hours.

Long Island

Bethany House in Roosevelt, New York.

6 session.

3.9 hours.


Nicholas House in Atlanta, Georgia.

6 sessions.

4 hours.

Westchester, NY

 Total sessions: 80

     Total hours: 52.8

Long Island, NY

Total sessions: 6

    Total hours: 3.9

New York City

Total sessions: 5

    Total hours: 3.3

Atlanta, Georgia

Total sessions: 6

    Total hours: 4

Thank you so much for letting me read to the kids today!! I loved it! I read 4 books and would be excited to add more next time! I loved reading to them and would love to do it again! I have another idea that I will share with Melissa and hopefully get to do with the kids.
- Caroline Faber

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