Zoom Story Time for Children in Shelters and Private Homes

 Bake Back America created story time to bring a relaxing but learning experience to children in shelters. Story time is an important part of a young ones life in hopes to encourage them to love books.


1. Fill out the volunteer form.


• Bake Back America matches volunteer with recipient’s from a shelter, family center or private home.
• Bake Back America confirms volunteer with day and time for session, age(s) and amount of children.

• Bake Back America supplies contact information.

• Volunteer prepares for a 45 minute session to read to the child(ren).

• Volunteer prepares the books they will read during session.

• Volunteer can use free online books. See helpful hints.



• Bake Back America sets up a group text with recipient and volunteer

Virtual Session

• Volunteer conducts 45 minute story telling session.
• Volunteer sends a zoom link 45 minutes to group text or supplied email.

• If there is no response, volunteer calls recipient immediately and if there is no answer contact Bake Back America.
• Volunteer offers face time if zoom is not working.
• Volunteer writes "done" on group text once session is completed.


• Help Bake Back America inspire others.

• Email photos of yourself with your book to bakebackamerica@gmail.com.

Waiver must be signed to take photos of the recipient.




1. Fill out the recipient form.

2. Bake Back America will contact you to get started.

3. Email photos to bakebackamerica@gmail.com so we can post and inspire others.


Our Story

1 session = 40 minutes


Coachman Family Center, White Plains, NY.

38 sessions.

25 hours.

Vernon Plaza, Mount Vernon, NY.

5 sessions.

3.6 hours.

Individual families, Westchester.

37 sessions.

24.4 hours.

New York City

Individual families, NYC.

5 sessions.

3.3 hours.

Long Island

Bethany House, Roosevelt, NY.

6 session.

3.9 hours.


Nicholas House, Atlanta, GA.

6 sessions.

4 hours.

     Westchester, NY

Total sessions: 80

    Total hours: 52.8

    Long Island, NY

  Total sessions: 6

      Total hours: 3.9

     New York City

 Total sessions: 5

     Total hours: 3.3

Atlanta, Georgia

Total sessions: 6

    Total hours: 4

Thank you so much for letting me read to the kids today!! I loved it! I read 4 books and would be excited to add more next time! I loved reading to them and would love to do it again! I have another idea that I will share with Melissa and hopefully get to do with the kids.
- Caroline Faber

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