After School Club

After School Club was created for students to come together as a community to give back. This initiative allows teams to focus on a specific give back mission or monthly kindness initiative.


Monthly Calendar

Volunteer chooses Bake Back America initiatives each month, or creates their own each month as a way for a group to perform acts of kindness.

Create a Mission

Volunteers create a give back mission that impacts individuals and communities across the country.





Chloe's Corner

A&L Club

Inquire to Inspire

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Continents Connect

My name is Chloe Siegle and I am going to be a junior at Byram Hills High school. I play lacrosse and varsity tennis. I love working with children, both tutoring and coaching. I am a member of the Bake Back America team. This club not only gives me the opportunity to give back but also be a team leader.

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