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A gourmet eatery in Scarsdale, NY serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our market offers freshly prepared food in the case and meals to go as well. Cooked & Co. is known for our comfort - American cuisine, created in a kitchen full of Chefs that love to cook!

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Bake Back America has collaborated with Cooked & Company to show our appreciation to first responders, essential workers and those in need.

This program can be customized to fit your needs.


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Children in a homeless shelter

Every $10 feeds a child in a homeless shelter a burger, a drink and a cookie.

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EMS, police and fire department

Every $50 feeds 5 EMS, police and firemen a salad, a drink and a cookie.

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Post office workers

Every $100 feeds 10 post office workers a veggie burger, a drink and a cookie.

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White Plains Hospital nurses

Every $250 feeds 25 nurses a chicken parm, a drink and a cookie.

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Choose a recipient

You choose your recipient, your meals and we deliver.


10% of the proceeds will be given to the Help a Diabetic Child effort.


1. Choose your option

3. We deliver

Deliveries are made every Thursday.


This is a template and will be customized for each restaurant and their recipients.

2. Please order

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